Hoy es dia!

Hoy es dia!
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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Mingling About and Sand Volleyball

On Friday I participated in my first divisions. I was in Cerro 8 which is more city and actually has paved roads. It was really neat. I was with Elder Chali. He is 27 and is from Guatemala. He only speaks Spanish so that was fun. He speaks slow though so it was actually a really good learning experience. Plus I saw him teach... which is always good. The way he knew the scriptures was amazing to me. He has 2 transfers left. Later that night we were back at the house. Me and 3 latino elders. It was very interesting so see how different all their Spanish is. Chali was slow and pronounciated while the other two.... From Peru and Mexico were fast and just like one big word...haha. However, it gave me a lot of confidence with my spanish. I am really anxious to learn. I just want to speak to all the latinos like me and D-ray speak! 

Yesterday for Church we had 38 people there. Even less than before but President Smith said that we aren't accountable for the number in church because everyone has their own agency, but we are accountable for the people in church who we have taught the doctrine of Christ to. Its so true... we shouldn't be down on ourselves because of the number. It is out of our hands.. just as long as we are doing all we can to teach the doctrine of Christ and getting those people to church!

Look up D&C 11:20 and Moses 1:39 and see the difference. It is a thought from Stake Conference last week with Elder Bednar. It is really neat. I love you all!! Keep being incredible!

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