Hoy es dia!

Hoy es dia!
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Monday, February 2, 2015

Walk In Truth

I am still learning a lot from Elder Varas and his love for the people.  He truly does care about the people of Uruguay.  Sometimes a little too much when we don't teach a thing and just talk for about an hour with them.  I don't mind talking after a charla, but let's teach something! Ü  I will now be speaking Spanish in every moment.  Elder Huntsman and Elder Caires Franca moved out of the house to live with some other missionaries.  I'm gonna miss good ole' Huntsy.  I guess we will see him on p-days and district meeting days.

Yesterday after lunch with Bishop Rebollo and his family, Shrek was on behind us in the room, so we turned our heads and may have watched for about 5 minutes.  Elder Vargas knows the whole movie in Spanish. It was hilarious.  He wasn't even watching for a minute and was still quoting it word for word.  We were all just laughing at it.  With Vargas, we are making some good friendships that were lost.  It has been fun to chat with some of the people that I never had a chance to talk with before.  Lots of great people in Obelisco!

Investigators!  Estefani came to church yesterday and really liked it.  We met a man of gold.  His name is Artigas.  We taught him about the Restoration and a little bit about the Book of Mormon.  He is a very intelligent man.  He has been a catholic all of his life and is very open to hear about others religions.  After sharing with him our message, he began to explain parts of the faith that he believes everyone needs to hear and when he was telling us this he was talking about how there are two ways in life. There is the narrow path and the wide path.  As he continued he talked about how the straight path may have rocks and may be harder to walk but it is worth it.  It was like he was truly prepared to have us stop by.  In fact, he even said that in his prayer to finish the charla.  He told us that he feels we were sent to his house.  It was a very humbling and neat experience. We have a charla with him today and I am very excited to see how his experience was with his prayers. Gotta love moments like that right? 

Studies!  My study that I would like to share with you is about 3 John 1:4. I turned to this scripture in my little quote book and I liked it so much that I wanted to study it.  If we read it, it says, ¨I have no greater JOY than to hear my children walk in truth.¨ I studied it a bit deeper with my Spanish scriptures.  JOY in the Guide for the Study for the Scriptures... or GEE in Spanish, says, ¨Condition of great happiness that is the result of living in RIGHTEOUSNESS... the plain joy is received only through Jesus Christ.¨  Now that we understand JOY a little better let´s take a look at the world ¨Children¨ In the footnotes is says, ¨Family, Children, Responsibilities Toward,¨ and ¨Family, Love Within." I decided to take the word FAMILY and go deeper.  For me, the scripture says, ¨I have no greater JOY than to hear my FAMILY walk in truth.¨  To finish the study off, I was wondering what it mean to ¨walk in truth¨ It means,¨Walk with God¨ or ¨Presence of God¨ or ¨Divine Guidance¨ or ¨Path".  For me it says now, ¨I have no greater JOY than to hear my FAMILY walk in (the path of) truth (that goes to eternal life). I took a littler deeper look at walking with God in Spanish in the GEE.... ¨To be in harmony with the teachings of God and to live like God would desire us to live; to be receptive and obedient to the inspiration of the Holy Ghost.¨  I don't know about you guys but I want to walk with God!  I hope you guys feel the same way!
I love you sooo much and miss you like crazy.  Have a wonderful week and keep finding reasons to SMILE and to walk in truth this week!  I LOVE YOU!

Love, Elder Taylor Abel.. one happy guy!

Elder Vargas, Elder Aliaga and I in Argentina! Good day!
#throwbackmtc Elder Pederson and Elder Abel at the CCM.
Elder Pedersen served his mission in St. George.

Elder Vargas and I with Argentina in the background!

Service Project with the Argain brothers, doing some cement work.
It was a fun service....a nice and early morning out of the sun!

Elder Abel's daily running path.


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