Hoy es dia!

Hoy es dia!
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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Twelve Weeks to GO....but who's counting!

Well.. I can´t believe how fast time is flying. I only have 12 weeks left. To put it into perspective for you.. the time I have left would be my time with either.. Elder Vargas, Elder Studebaker, Elder Devashrayee or with Elder Naylor.. take your pick! Pretty nuts if you ask me, but hey I still have plenty of time! #nottrunky solo para que sepan como me siento (;

So you are all probably wondering what happened with changes.. they actually came relatively early yesterday. We finished our personal study and we were both praying when the phone rang..I was thinking that it was a missionary from the zone asking for their changes.. like normal even though we don´t ever get changes early haha.. anyways.. so I didn't worry about the phone and I noticed that Elder Emrich either.. just as the ringing was about to stop Emrich got up and it was already too late.. missed call.. I heard under his breath.. "ah.. President!" I thought.. well that sucks, the one time he calls we are praying! Emrich gave him a call and I finished up my prayer and I heard that Elder Emrich was getting a new companion.. Elder Blair from Indiana. I didn't know what to think.. I then had the chance to talk to President. He told me that I am headed down to Mercedes! I finally get a 3rd zone! I will be opening an area as zone leader with Elder Saldivar a good mission friend. He is from Elder Huntsman's group so he has right around 17 months. He is from Paraguay and he is a super stud! He was in Salto a change ago.. great kid!

I am very excited for what lies ahead for me in Mercedes with Elder Saldivar. It will be awesome to be with him, he is a great friend and I look forward to working with him. Super excited to open the area and work with the stake president there. I was sure what to think of the change when I first got it just because things were finally clicking here in Ceibal but I know that it where I need to be and more importantly where the Lord has called to me to serve so vamos arriba! Also parents it looks like we have another stop to make before getting to Salto Ü

Things here in Ceibal this past week went super well, I really enjoyed my last week in Salto. It was definitely one to remember and I can say that I went out with a bang. We worked really hard this week to have a better attendance and get our investigators back to church and it worked out. The Lord blessed us with a beautiful Sunday and it couldn't have better. We were able to have 5 investigators in the church. Margarita, Monica, Lauro, Mikaela and Juan.... and an attendance of 105 all together. The best week I have had in my time here in Ceibal.. lots of good things to come for Elder Emrich and Elder Blair. I am excited to see all the great things that they do! 

This basically sums up the good ole week.. today we had a zone activity. We played Volleyball and 21 Tip-in. Volleyball as a zone. Pretty good time, lots of good missionaries here in Salto! Other than that today we just have some packing to do and some more "see you later's".. the two things I am not too fond of doing.. but do what you gotta do right? Blessings of staying for a lot of time in one area Ü

I hope that you all have a wonderful week and are able to enjoy some time reading the scriptures! I have been reading in the war chapters of Alma and I know that we have these chapters for a reason.... other than great war stories we can find many great things for our life. Check it out (: I love you all so much!

Love, Elder Taylor Abel Ü

I spilled some milk eating some cereal the other day and it totally made a Mickey Mouse!

Beautiful Salto!

With Monica.. she is definitely getting baptized next change!

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