Hoy es dia!

Hoy es dia!
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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Missionary Work is AWESOME!

Man oh man.. what a week!  Who's up for another one?  Bring it on!  How are you wonderful people doing?  Delta has been kind of off the walls lately here within the branch, but other than that, you know us... just having the most fun we can with only 8 more days as companions. The branch has been having all sorts of problems which is kind of scary.  However, Sunday we had a really good branch council and the stake president came to church to make sure that all is well.  All of Uruguay is worried about Delta because it just isn't progressing and it is hard to do missionary work with no branch presidency.  But have no fear, things are worked out and Delta will live on. Ü 

Changes are next week, so my PDAY will be on Tuesday next week.. just FYI. I will probably be headed to a new area because D-ray is the ZL, so I bet he will stay here in Delta.  Oh well, come what may and love it right? Ü  President or the AP's will be giving us a call either on Saturday or Sunday, so you can all know my fate next week!  Elder D-ray and I will just keep rocking it!  We have so much fun.  I really think that I have met a life long friend.  We get along so well.  If we're not teaching, we are singing some song...any song that comes to mind.  It has been a great training and I got one heck of a trainer!

I gave my first baptismal commitment to one of our investigators....Adriana, she is a friend of Gladys.  Matias is going to be baptized on November 8th and hopefully Adriana.  We have some other investigators that are awesome.  After we taught the plan of salvation to them, the mom said, "So what you guys do is invite people to go to the Celestial Kingdom?"  We couldn't believe it... can you say #prepared?  Of course we told her yes.... if any of you are wondering. Ü  

Things have been going really well here! We have some really good investigators and we are trying to find less actives that we can teach the doctrine of Christ to.  Missionary work is awesome!  Today I was reading in Helaman 10:1-5.  It talks about Nephi declaring the word of God.  The Spanish word that is used to describe how Nephi works is "INFATIGABLEMENTE" which means untiringly.  I really just sat there and wondered if I was declaring the word untiringly.  That is my goal for next change.... work on finding more and talking to more people in the streets so I can help all that I can come unto Christ.  We have beliefs in the mission and that is one of them, taking in every moment.  I really want to be better at that one.  It just makes so much sense. The more people you talk to, the better chance you have at finding someone who is ready!  It was a really good study. You should check it out!

I hope all is well...I always do.  I pray for you all and hope that this week is amazing!  This week.... study somewhere in the scriptures and send your insights. Ü  Man you guys are amazing!  I love you all soooooo much!  Keep being incredible.  Miss you so much!


Your almost completely trained Elder Taylor Bradley Abel

We had one heck of a storm the other night and woke up to a lake out our front gate.  

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