Hoy es dia!

Hoy es dia!
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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

OH my family.. how I love you so!  How was your week? My week was a lot better to be honest. We found a lot more success this past week. Maybe not so much in the numbers of the mission but to me.. we had some good successes! Where to begin with this past week full of such good things? (:

On Saturday we took a little trip to Tacaurembo which is in the middle of Uruguay for a Zone Conference with 4 other zones and with Elder Viñas from the Seventy. The conference was great. We first heard from Hermana Smith and her message was about how our faith is God given and the way that we can have more faith is through obedience and our personal righteousness. Then we had the opportunity to hear from President Smith. His message was a little about his relationship with Hermana Smith.  Three days after his baptism he met Hermana Smith.. she was actually invited to his baptism but she didn´t go because she didn´t know him. Now they have 8 kids and are as happy as ever! #funfactforyou He then posed the question.. What do you desire today? It was a really good message. I have more notes but I didn´t look them over so they not make sense in English. The main topic that I got from his message was that we can always give MORE. Check out Jacob 6:2... The Lord has MORE for us. Also.. one last insight from him. 1 Nephi 15:14.. without the Book of Mormon.. there is no gathering of Israel. Check out the talk from Elder Russell M. Nelson about the gathering of Israel.. it is awesome! Then it was our pleasure to hear from Elder Viñas. He is from Uruguay.. and he started with his story of how his family is members. He said that his parents were baptized by a very humble Elder Richard G. Scott. Pretty neat right? His whole message was about the Atonement and was basically straight doctrine for about an hour. It was amazing. Take a moment and think about the atonement in your life.. maybe for FHE you could share your thoughts about the atonement! The next thing that we did after lunch was watch MEET THE MORMONS. It was awesome. I really enjoyed it. How many of you have seen it? That was the conference.. pretty great!

CHANGES: I am going.... to stay in Obelisco to kill Elder Vargas. Which means.. 7.5 months in Obelisco. Want to just send my membership records?m (;  I am excit        cxx/1x0   x x   ed. It will be a good change..... I am going to get Elder Vargas to finish strong! We will just be living us two for this change too. Elder Huntsman felt like he should stay there. Oh well.. more Spanish for me(:

¨Life is full of people who will tell you what you CAN¨T ever achieve. Successful people hang around those who tell them what they CAN achieve.¨ -R. Dale Jeffery.

¨Do, every day something no one else would be silly enough to do.¨ -Christopher Morley.

Smile big this week and don´t forget to find the little things in life (:

Love, a very happy Elder Taylor Abel (: 

A little bbque with the Zone Boyz

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