Hoy es dia!

Hoy es dia!
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Monday, March 2, 2015

How are we doing?!   Elder Abel is doing really well here!  Did you happen to send my membership records yet? (;  This week has been really good.  We set some goals for the change..... with the main goal to start and finish this change with strength and obedience.  I truly believe that through our Obedience that the Lord blesses us.  It has been good to be with Vargas because my Spanish is coming along really well and I have been able to see some of the struggles of a dying (#endofmission) missionary.  However, we are gonna work hard and find some success this week!  We had a good companion fast and are really excited to see what comes from it.  We have already seen so many blessings this past week of the change. We taught a lot of family home evenings this past week and a lot of less actives.

On Saturday night, we had a family night with a family that has been inactive for a long time. The hermano is excommunicated but has realized in the last little while of his life what is really important and what is not.  He has realized that the house doesn't matter or his car.... but that his family matters.  He realized that he wants the best for his 15 year old son and knows he isn't the best example for him.  The hermana is really a sweet lady, she has a big heart and the desire to change.  As we started to talk to them, they decided that a charla with their son and his friend would be the best.  So they invited the son and his friend into the house and we said a prayer.  The Spirit entered the room right after the prayer even though we didn't have any idea what to talk about. We began to talk very basic doctrines of the gospel as that was what came to mind.  The son is a member but hasn't been very active at all in his life. However, he has something special about him.  It was a very good charla.  We didn't teach any profound doctrine, it was only just about Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and what they want for us and our purpose here.  On Sunday, as we walked into the chapel shaking the hands of everyone, Elder Vargas and I were shocked to find them at church.  It is truly amazing what the Spirit can do. It had nothing to do with us being there or us as missionaries.  I know that is was the Spirit that truly moved them to feel the need/want to go to church. Really neat experience for us.  It really has given Elder Vargas some ammunition too!

I have learned a lot about a love for the people from Elder Vargas. I know that he truly does love everyone we talk to.  He really is a big teddy bear.. just a little trunky at times!  We get along though and so I can't complain.  We do have some really good chats about the people here and what we can do to help them..... it is just putting that to action!

Last night we had kind of a creepy experience. I woke up for a second and was just switching positions in my bed and then all of the sudden Elder Vargas began to say my name.. A-bel.. A-bel.... A-bel.. it got a little louder every time. He was having a bad dream. He felt as if someone was squeezing him and he couldn't breathe.  He was awake but couldn't do anything so he began to say my name.  It was interesting to say the least.  Hopefully it doesn't happen again!  If that story doesn't make your hair stand up I don´t know what will (; Gotta love the good ole hymns after experiences like that right?!

Our investigators... we had 4 in church!  Irene, Estefani and Cristian her boyfriend!  It was his first time and he liked it,so we are hoping that it sparks something for them.  Also Sebastion went to church too!  I sat in the middle of them all.  It was really cool to have them all there and all chatting with each other including Marcia!

With all the time in Obelisco you think I would get bored, but I truly do love it. I see blessings everyday with the changes that I see within the people.  I think that is one of my favorite parts of the mission is to be able to see the changes that people make for the good!  So amazing what the Spirit can do.

This past change with Elder Vargas, I really found a love for The Book of Mormon.  My first 6.5 months I was reading mostly everyday but when I would study something else like the conference talks or Preach My Gospel I wouldn't read the Book of Mormon.  I read 64 pages in my first 6.5 months.  This last change and up to this point I am on page 130 and am learning so much.  Take a look at 2 Nephi 27.  It really strengthened my testimony of Joseph Smith and his story.  Take a look at some of the foot notes too!  I love the Book of Mormon and know that it truly changes lives.  If you aren't reading I would hope that you would start!

I sure do love you so much!  I hope that you all are enjoying every single day of this crazy thing we call life! I hope that this week brings lots of joy and that you all are happy and healthy! Keep on keepin' on!  Until next week! 

Elder Taylor Abel.. a happy Obeliscano (;    

Huge 30 minute rain storm.....buckets of rain!

A week of hard work in this shirt
(the rest of my shirts were in the wash!)

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