Hoy es dia!

Hoy es dia!
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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Finding JOY and LOVE for missionary work!

This week up here in Obelisco was one to remember. I am so grateful for the people here and for all that they do for us. As we have been planning for awhile now, we had 2 baptisms. Macarena and Emili were baptized, and it was a wonderful experience. The weather didn't function too well, but all the people that needed to be there were able to be there and it ended up being really special. The girls are really smart and have made a big impact on their mom and all of their family. Right after the baptism, after all was said and done.. we sent out a message thanking them for the wonderful experience and for all that they did for us leading up to the baptism. We received back a message that touched my heart. She said that she feels we were really sent to the little girls for a reason and now she feels like she needs to really push to be married so that she can be baptized. She also told us that the example of her two girls will be a huge help to their dad. It was really neat to receive her message.  

As I was thinking about the baptism on the following morning, I was just filled with the spirit. In my morning prayer I had a feeling that I haven't ever felt before.  I truly believe that it was pure joy.  I love missionary work.  These girls here have really opened my eyes to the work and all the many blessings. They have sure made it easy to love the work as we sing hymns together, and they always have a smile on their face.  It has been so humbling to see how they have changed and how much their mom has learned too!  And to think that none of this would have happened if the grandmother didn't call us during a weekly planning session, asking us to come to the house to teach her daughter in-law.  God really does work miracles!  In all my time here in Obelisco, I think from all the things I have learned, this will be of most value, because I found joy and a love for the work. 

I am so blessed to be a missionary!  I love you all!  Have a great week!

Sofia, Emili and Macarena

Elder Huamali, Emili, Sofia and Macarena

Emili and Macarena after their confirmations! 
They are the cutest little girls and love their HLJ (CTR) rings (:

Emili, Macarena and family

Sofia and her family after her baptism

Great day for a baptism, with Elder Huamali

A Little Post-Baptism Celebration

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