Hoy es dia!

Hoy es dia!
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Monday, August 17, 2015

Taylor, Naylor & Puppy

Family.. how are we?! Long time no talk right? It may have been a long week but it definitely was a week that I will remember!  

The journey began at 11:30 when I went to bed like a little kid on Christmas Eve.... the nerves and the excitement were definitely there. Surprisingly I got a good amount of sleep with the dog I slept with (we found a little puppy in the gutter outside our house in the rain and we couldn't let it just suffer .... so what do we do? We took the little feller inside and dried him off and turned on our little heater and heater him up. We went from a wet sad mutt to a very happy, fluffy pup.  In between my legs for most of the night and then like right up by my face.... soo cute! We woke up early and got Figallo´s stuff ready and called the taxi to go to the terminal.  We arrived to the terminal and met up with all the trainers... meaning my boy Huntsman. From there all the trainers left together and we headed over to the Temple and the Hostel. 

We had a yummy breakfast.... it started to pour rain. 

After our breakfast, the assistants, President Smith and us 11 trainers had a charla about what our thoughts were and about what we were feeling.... as well as the responsibilities as trainers/parents. President brought up the scripture in Luke that says, "Forgive them for they know not what they do." He stressed that these missionaries are innocent.... they will do everything you do. Forgive them for they know not what they do... good lesson learned. 

He then told us a little about each of our companions in front of the group. After I shared what I was feeling... "I am excited, nervous.. I just want to be that best friend I had in Elder Devashrayee".... President said, "Elder Abel is very humble and very obedient and that is why his companion is who he is."  At that moment I had about 100 things going on in my head... I thought for sure I was getting some Peruvian who was prideful and disobedient.

We then made the 2 minute walk over to the hostel. We got lined up behind our companions.... they were looking at the wall and had their eyes closed. I was standing right next to Huntsy.  My kid is white!  We then sang Called to Serve. Just the first verse and gave our theme a yell.... Hoy Es El Día! He turned around ... we both gave it a good yell and had a big tight hug.

My kids name is Elder Naylor. He is from Las Vegas, NV. He lives in Summerland which is like 20 minutes from the strip. He played soccer and lacrosse for Pablo Verde High School. He was Student Body president over 1000 kids. He went to the Y for a year and actually played lacrosse up there for the team. He isn't a Y fan which is a blessing and he is not prideful nor disobedient. He is humble, tender, confident and reminds me a lot of a young missionary me. I am super grateful for him and love him already. These 2 changes are going to be soo amazing! I can´t wait to learn and grow with him. We have worked hard already and are going to do so all 12 weeks!

What a blessing it is.... his testimony is so pure and he is so ready to learn. I am grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ and for the many blessings and opportunities it gives me. I am grateful for the love of God in my life.... for the confidence that the Lord has in me to help Elder Naylor begin his mission. I am grateful for you guys.... for all you do for me. I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!  enJOY the JOurneY!  

Love, Elder Taylor Abel.. a very happy and excited missionary!

with President and Hermana Smith

Hunstman and I with our boys.  His kid is from STG.  He went to Dixie High and played football there.  His name is Arthur Anderson.  We were stoked for the experience! 

This little guy slept with me!

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