Hoy es dia!

Hoy es dia!
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Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy 2016!

Monday, January 4, 2016

¡Buenos días a todos!

Things this week went really good. My new years was kind of boring.. we had a normal schedule so we had to hit the hay at 11 and I figured that the fireworks would wake me up so I didn't worry about setting an alarm or anything before 12.. and without a doubt the fireworks woke me up.. it was like a war zone outside our widow. The problem was that I was so tired that I checked the clock thought to myself if I wanted to get up and watch them and my tiredness got the best of me and I just fell right back to sleep without any problems.. but hey Happy New Year! 2016 ♣♦♠♥

Sooooo... I will be honest, the first 2 weeks with Elder Orihuela were tough. This past week we were able to have a very good companionship inventory. Probably one of the best ones that I have had in my mission and it really helped us to get on the same page. I feel like we lack unity in our companionship and we were able to talk about it. Sometimes I feel like missionaries forget that it is never I .. it is always WE. We just have a lot of different ideas so we hit heads a little but he is a good kid and has a love for the work which is awesome and things have been going better lately. Just hoping for the best (: The zone has been working really hard.

We had our zone activity today and we talked about our new theme for the zone and we had a cook-off (everyone brought food from their countries and then we all tried them and voted) .. went super good! Our zone theme is..¡El año de Salto! (leap year).. The zone loved it luckily! I have found out that with the more responsibility you have the more you get criticized.. so many ungrateful missionaries! Pretty sad but on a happier note.. 4 more fast Sundays (;

This past week with the investigators we were able to talk to Matias again and find out what happened and it turns out that he just wasn't ready for baptism and didn't want to rush it. We have a charla with him and his mom tomorrow to talk about the baptism and the covenant that Matias will be making. A few days ago we had super powerful charla with Miguel and Antonela (on divisions with Elder Frame).. we taught Marriage using Alma 32 starting with verse 28 and every time it said the word "seed" we put the word "marriage" in. Check it out.. and while you are checking it out don't forget to read or start The Book of Mormon this week! I should finish up El Libro de Mormón this week which will be amazing! Get reading

Well my cute family. I hope that you all have a great week! I sure do love you all soo much and I am so grateful for each one of you.. you are allways in my prayers! Keep smiling and helping others to come unto our Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ!

Love, Elder Taylor Abel.. a ready for winter missionary (;

I'm bringing sexy back.  Can`t beat the buzz 
#haircuttingprobs and the pink finger nails! #zoneactivity 

Crazy bridge flooding.  Now we get to help the people clean their houses
and put their stuff back. Lots of service coming our way!

Is this water sanitary? Looks questionable to me. 

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