Hoy es dia!

Hoy es dia!
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Monday, April 4, 2016

A WONDERFUL Week in Uruguay

How are you doing? 

This week was a wonderful one to say the least. It started a little rough but it ended perfectly! Last Tuesday we took some time before the district meeting to talk to the zone about obedience because they didn´t quite get it the first time. We talked very clear and very direct with them to help them and it went pretty good. We had a little "companionship inventory" between us and the zone and I thought that we were on the same page. We are now on the same page about obedience but we have seen that some of the missionaries have hardened their hearts to us and no longer want to be around us. I feel like the zone really isn't too fond of me.. in fact, they quite frankly don´t like me and aren´t afraid to show it but if they only knew that we did it out of love and not only to "drop cane" then they wouldn´t treat us any differently. It is sad that they have changed their thoughts toward us in a negative way but that is just part of being a leader right?.. not everyone will like you and I guess I am okay with that. It really bothered me throughout the week but what do ya do? Only two more months and no more dealing with missionaries.  However, that also means only two more months of teaching this great gospel as a full time missionary.  Definitely bitter sweet.

So yeah, that was the start of the week for us but the weekend made up for it all. I loved 1conference, it was amazing. So many great talks and I can testify that God answers our questions. God sure is great, I love Him and I am grateful for His love. The two talks that hit me hard were Elder Oak´s and Elder Holland´s. I also found some answers to my questions as Elder Waddel talked. So many good messages. This time I tried not to write down anything that they said.. I only wrote down impressions and it was really good. I quite enjoyed it that way, notes that I will actually use instead of just quotes of the talks.

During one of the breaks between sessions we had a charla with Mathyas and we have seen a complete 180 turn around in him. He is ready to be baptized and already has a date to receive the priesthood a week later. I am so grateful that he had the desire to act and that the Spirit was able to help him come to know that these things are true. What a true blessing he has been for me, I am positive that he has blessed my life much more than I have blessed his. The Spirit does it all, we are just there to help him feel of the Spirit. If he has the Spirit as a constant companion then he will stay firm in this wonderful gospel, I am sure of it because someone who has the Spirit as a constant companion keeps the commandments. I am grateful for him and that he has been able to have a change of heart.. the Lord sure does prepare His children.

What else could I say that hasn´t already been said to close an email.. I miss you and I love you. I love you more than you can imagine.. now picture that love and make it perfect. Yeah, that is God´s love for you. He loves you perfectly even though you are imperfect. I hope you have a great week! Until next week (: See you in 8 weeks!

Elder Taylor Abel.. an Elder who is learning a whole lot.

Luis Rovelli and I watching conf in English in the family history center.
 He lived in North Salt Lake for 4 years so he likes to watch it in English so he doesn't lose anything in the translation.

so many miles!

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