Hoy es dia!

Hoy es dia!
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Monday, May 16, 2016

What the BUSECA!!!

How are you guys?!

It is pretty much blowing my mind how fast time is going.. however.. in the week it goes by just as slow as a turtle crosses the road when a fast car is coming. #horribleanology but you get the point.. anyway.. we are down to 2 weeks. Next Pday.. just one week.. WHAT?! #trunkylife

This past week was great! It was full of some awesome experiences. One of these comes from my divisions in Dolores with Elder Mamani. We went to a house of some people who received help from the church during the tornado mess and now they are receiving the missionaries. While we were there, it was pretty hard to get a good religious conversation going. It seemed like they wanted to talk about anything else other than what we wanted to talk about. After some time and some tortas fritas a friend of theirs arrived and sat down to join the conversation. We finally made it a religious topic.. the word of wisdom as they had some questions and we took that and ran with it.. saying a prayer and inviting the Spirit by calling the attention. They were super hard in the beginning, we would ask questions and the 3 at one time would all give their answer. It was complete chaos. We then felt to share a little bit about faith and the importance of acting on that faith. By the end of the charla, we were only talking to the friend that arrived (the other 2 found other things to do) and this friend had completely calmed down. At the end of the charla she said that we brought a peace that she really enjoyed and that she would be willing to listen to us more. It was truly a miracle that this friend arrived at the perfect time for us to help her come to the knowledge of the truth, even though the others decided to reject us. The Lord sometimes works one by one. You know I have really gained a testimony on that principle.. one by one.. I know that it is true. I felt it as Elder Bednar told us and I have experimented with it and I know that nothing happens by coincidence. 

I sure love you guys! Thank you for being great and for the love and support you have always been! I hope you have a great week and can see miracles in your life during this week! Until next week (:

Love, Elder Taylor "ready to dance" Abel

Get ready for some music and moves in a few weeks.. find a song to dance to on the 10th (;

With Elder Aliaga

Elder Mamani and Elder Montenegro.. we had some yummy chicken to finish the night!

oh yeah.. I read my subject and almost forgot to tell you guys what was for lunch today! We went to a members house and ate buseca..now you are probably wondering what in the world is buseca. In this moment stop reading my email and look it up.. would you eat it? If you have not seen the picture and you are reading this.. repent and look it up. If you are feeling rebellious and still reading this without seeing what is buseca.. stop now! Okay.. so buseca is cow stomach, beans and on today’s menu and on my plate.. pig leg. yup.. I ate that. The things I studied in animal science are now inside of me and I put them in my mouth. 

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