Hoy es dia!

Hoy es dia!
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Monday, May 23, 2016

Dios da el crecimiento!

How are you?!

Can I just begin by telling you how great God is and how much He loves His children? Yesterday we saw a miracle in church. Looking back to last week we had a very small showing of 59 people and yesterday the chapel was full, we had 91 people. You just walked into the room and you felt different as so many more of our brothers and sisters made it to church to renew their baptismal covenants. I was talking with Elder Aliaga about it and I was just thinking about how much the Lord really does in His work. I look back to last week and we didn't invite all the people who showed up yesterday but for some reason they showed up.  All I really know is that Dios da el crecimiento. It was amazing and brought me such joy to see people there who haven't attended the whole time I have been in the area.

Things have been going good this past week.  We found a new investigator that looks like she could really progress.  Right now she says that she is atheist but I can feel that she feels God´s presence in the charlas. Yesterday we had another charla with her and I felt so strongly to promise her that if she would pray to God.. have faith in Him that she would feel of His presence. We also talked about the Book of Mormon and told her what President Smith has told us.. that it is written for atheists and she promised to begin reading little by little. Missionary work is too good.. one full week left, got to give it my all!

It is so weird to think that next time I write you I will be 2 days away from being with the parents. How nuts is that. You can't beat the constant reminders from the members and the missionaries in the zone. There are 2 hermanas in the zone that told me that they are going to call every night to remind me how little time I have.  Then you got the classic, "How much time do you have left" question.. uh.. 9 days.. Pretty much the weirdest feeling ever. 

Well my wonderful family, I sure do love you sooo much! You all make me the happiest missionary alive. Cheers to another week of ministry in Uruguay! Enjoy your week and we will talk and see you soon (:

Elder Taylor "not trunky" Abel Ü

This is a happy Elder!  #ninedays

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