Hoy es dia!

Hoy es dia!
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Saturday, December 6, 2014

A loving and joyful Elder

My Sweet Grammy Taylor

Oh my sweet grandma Taylor, how I love her to the moon and back.
Man I sure will miss her.. those hugs, that smile and her yummy movie snack.
The love that she showed to all, is something that she will never lack.
As she is on the other side, she is happy.. I know that for a fact.
My heart is so full as I serve many thousands of miles away,
I know that while she is gone from this life, her cute spirit will stay.
I feel her love, and I know that you all do too.
She was a true example of a women with a heart bigger than she knew.
She will be very missed for all that she is and will be,
I love you Grandma and I can feel your love for me.

How are you all doing and who is ready for Christmas? I will be calling via.. can I get a S.. can I get a K.. can I get a Y.. can I get a P.. can I get an E.. what does that spell.. SKYPE, SKYPE, SKYPE! 

Speaking of Christmas though, have you guys seen the new video produced by the church.. HE IS THE GIFT. It is supposed to be huge world-wide like youtube front page huge, and Times Square huge. You will have to let me know. We got an assignment as missionaries. We need to contact everyone with "ÉL ES LA DÄDIVA" and keep track how many investigators we get through the project and how many we get through just the regular Restoration message. It should be a very busy month. 

For starters.... we have a baptism this week!!! It was supposed to be the 13th but all the ward will be traveling to the temple so we gave Marcia the option to either be baptized the 20th or the 6th. We feel like she is ready and has really changed her life around. 

We usually have over 100 people in church but this last Sunday we only had 32 people due to the rain and an election.. she was one of the people to come to church and to walk in the rain at that. She is a champ. Our week will be busy with preparing her for the baptism but it will be worth it! Then on the 18th and 19th we are headed down to Montevideo as a Zone to have interviews with President Smith and to go to the temple with our names to do all the ordinances! Super excited! Oh yeah.. guess who is coming to be Zone Leader here in Salto..... my boy D-RAY baby!! So excited! He will be with Elder Johnson. They will be a pretty fun duo for ZL´s. 

Today we went to the Salto Zoo.. there will be pictures coming with some puns of course.....because I'm #totespunny.

Well my wonderful family, I hope that you all eat some birthday cake for me. I love you all so much and hope that you all have a wonderful week.

P.S. take a peak at these mormon messages.... they are awesome! "Forgiveness: My burden was made light" and "My new life." They really put life and the atonement into prospective. I love you all! Keep being amazing!


Your loving and joyful Elder Abel

Such a softy for this cute Pup!

Cain & Abel....Hermana Caina with Elder Abel

Thanksgiving treat with Elder Studebaker

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