Hoy es dia!

Hoy es dia!
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Monday, May 25, 2015

Welcome Cerro 8....Eleven months out!

This week has honestly felt like a dream with Elder Huntsman. We kept just asking ourselves when the divisions were going to end.  In fact, we woke up on Thursday and the first thing he said to me, "What are you still doing here?"  It has been so much fun so far and the area is super awesome.  I am really confused still in the area, I just follow Elder Huntsman around.... it´s been pretty great!  I have met a lot of people which has been a lot of fun, the people here are so different from Salto, but so nice. They are constantly doing stuff for us as missionaries. 

Mommy.. no worries about the area.  Huntsman and I don't want to get killed or robbed either, and Huntsman is smart about where we go.  We only carry our Books of Mormon, Hymn books and some pamphlets....nothing more.  However, the Lord is truly always watching over us!  My second night here we woke up and we forgot to flippin lock the door.... we both just looked at each other and said, "That was really intelligent."  We now make sure the door is locked every night!  No stove in our house so we are safe from that!  The ZL's live below us. They have the fridge and the stove.  There is also a gate that is around the house too so we are pretty safe.  President takes good care of us.

Besides just always laughing and having a good time, the work this past week went pretty well too.  As crazy as it is that we are comps, and as much as we are having  a great time together,  I admire the way that Elder Huntsman loves to work.  He may deny it but he really did learn how to work from Elder Caires Franca, and it will help him for his whole mission.  He is a great companion and we are super excited to be together.  Love him like a brother.  He is actually cousins with the Miller family.... Zach, Sam, Max, Austin.  So yeah, Hunstman's mom is a Miller.

There is an absolutely beautiful view from the house like a block up.  If you guys type in Cerro Fortaleza Montevideo, a fort will pop up.  We live like 2 blocks down from it.  We are on a hill that looks over all of old and new Montevideo.  It's super awesome!

Things here have been really good.  I don't have too much to say about the area just yet.... but in the near future there will be pictures of us and a lot more details about the people here!

Being a District Leader is different and I wasn't quite sure what to do for my first meeting.  Luckily I got a paper from the ZL's the day before my meeting which helped me with my first meeting.  My district is Elder Choi and Elder Hodges from Cerro 1.  Elder Brown and Elder Espinoza from Las Torres (Cerro 1).  Elder Degn and Elder Gonzalez from Casabo (Cerro 8).  I love them already.  It has been fun talking to them on the phone and being able to have a district meeting with them!  It is awkward because Elder Brown was the old DL here.  He was DL for 5 changes, and this change he got bumped down to just Senior comp.  I just feel like I am so young compared to my district.  Elder Gonzalez and Elder Choi die this change with Elder Devashrayee.  Elder Degn has 2 more changes left and Elder Brown has 3 changes left.  Then comes me....Mr. 11 months.  Super weird being young trying to teach them, but it is good.  I will just continue to put my trust in the Lord as he has put His trust in me.  It will be an awesome change.

Well, that is all folks.  I sure love you all sooo much and I am grateful for your love and support in all that I do.  You all make me the happiest missionary there is!  I am healthy now too.  Healthy and happy.... couldn't ask for much more! Blessed Elders here!  Have a wonderful week!  I LOVE YOU!

One hard goodbye.... Familia Camargo.  Macarena, Emili and Raquel.

CYA L8r Elder Huamali

The view this morning from the fort after a 3:42 run up the hill. So pretty.

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