Hoy es dia!

Hoy es dia!
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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

We are here to SERVE!


How are you guys all doing?! Thank you all for the pictures that you sent and for the love and advice that you have shared. I have found the answer to my problem! Yes you read that right.. my problem. It had nothing to do with my companion.. it was all me. Lord, was it I?.. Yes.

I hadn´t been quite sure how to help him, in fact, I was kind of down about the change in companions because Elder Huntsman and I got along so well and the work was going really well. I was hoping to receive an email from President Smith last week but it never came.. however, I took it to our Heavenly Father in how I could help Elder Figallo. I actually received an answer yesterday in the Zone Conference with what the other missionaries shared (about the book John in the Bible) and the things that President shared. We need to love our comps. That was the thing that I was lacking these first 2 weeks. I just didn't love him like I should have. I am now in the process of loving him as I should..... loving him as our Father in Heaven loves him. Thank you all for what you had to say yesterday, it really helped me! As I was looking over some notes from the conference and The Fourth Missionary last night, I came to realize how much I love the mission. It is so great, it is not easy but man oh man it is so worth all the trials. I think that for the first part of the change, I had lost my motto for my mission ¨Come What May and Love it!.

I can honestly say that I had a change of heart like it mentions in Alma 5. There was a lot of things that really helped me in my thinking this week and I am so grateful for each one of these things. It started with a conversation with Hermano Cuadrado about life. He said 2 things that I will never forget, ¨We are quick to criticize and late to help.  We are here to serve, not to be served." I loved it. Another factor was the conference that we had with President and the things that he shared with us. Also, my late night studying and pondering, as well as my trip to the temple this morning to start the P-day. I know that God answers our prayers. It may take awhile and it make take a lot of effort, but He listens. He cares. He loves each of you.

I finally did receive a response from President Smith though: I just thought he needed a great example of what it looks like to love the mission and be obedient with exactness - he has enormous potential but justifies his lack of exactness in obedience. He can be so much more that he has allowed himself to be - can you help him?

To answer his question, I would love to help Elder Figallo.  

This week went pretty good! We are figuring things out here in Cerro 8. We received a reference from Hermano Cuadrado that was gold. It is a family of 5 who are looking for God in their lives after the parents were in a car accident. The car accident just really shook up the wife. The family consists of the parents and their 3 kids who are 12 and younger. We had a very spiritual charla with them and were able to bless the parents to have strength in their life physically and spiritually.. we are looking forward to our next charla with them Thursday. That was the highlight of the week as we were able to help them find God through The Restoration.

Your prayers were heard here because we had a Sunny Sunday.  However, the hearts of the people are in the dark.... only 79 people made it to sacrament on Sunday.  Joesfina nor Sebastian were included.... kind of a bummer but onward and upward right!?

I am immensely grateful for you wonderful people in my life, for the things that you do for me. I am so grateful for your influence and for the love and support that you express to me. I am one lucky missionary and one happy missionary! I love you all♥ Have a great week and find the things this week that will help you smile more often!

Elder Taylor Abel

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A great time at the temple!

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