Hoy es dia!

Hoy es dia!
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Monday, April 25, 2016

A Beyond Grateful Elder

How are you doing? This week was really good, I am really missing Elder Saldivar. I think that I had the most fun with him, he was a great companion and even though we had our struggles with the zone. 

Things are looking up here in Mercedes.. there are some great missionaries that arrived last week. I am very excited to see what we can do this change as a zone. I know that Elder Bushman, Elder Alvarado, Hermana Evans and Hermana Bojorquez are all here on very inspired changes and I am so glad that they are here. What a blessing it is to see the missionaries come and go. Talk about a long day but a very good one. I was seriously running off 4 hours of sleep and then we woke up early again to go back to Fray Bentos from Mercedes, but I made a big decision and got a new suit. (Pictures to come this next week because we got the leadership meeting on Wednesday with Pres, the other zls and the assistants. The suit will make its debut there!) 

Elder Aliaga has been good to have around, it is weird that he knows the area already due to his 3 changes here not too long ago but it has been nice because I haven't had to show him around.. he more takes me around to the people that Elder Saldivar and I never made it to. It will be a different change, but different is good. We are going to go to the Stake Council tomorrow, so that will be good to see the direction of the stake and gain the confidence and relationship of Presidente Patrone our stake president.

This last Saturday we had the chance to go to Dolores as a zone and it was so humbling. We went to familia Rodriguez.  They aren’t members but they have a son in Chile serving a mission. It was neat to see how they have completely softened their hearts. As we served them I just began to love them. It is amazing how service does that. I also had a very tender experience.. we went to put a tarp over a roofless house and so we all left.. us 8 strong elders ready to go. As we got there we got the tarp up.... there was a lot of standing around waiting for some wire. As I was looking around observing I saw Hermana Leyva and Hermana Evans off in the distance.. and then out of nowhere there were a group of 7 to 10 kids running full speed to them. the Hermana's were giving out toys and that is all these kids wanted.... just a new toy because they were left with nothing. It truly touched me.  We are so quick to take advantage of what we have and there are kids who don't even have a toy. I just wanted to run over to them and hug them. It was a great experience for the zone.

The time is going so quick.. it is weird to think that every time we talk there are 7 days less. (good math right?.. Am I scared for math class.. yes!) We are so close .... blows my mind but just gotta stick to it and endure to the end of each day right?! I sure do love you guys. You all make me the happiest missionary alive. I hope you have a great week!

Elder Taylor Abel.. a beyond grateful elder.

The Plaza in Dolores

Asado style bbq

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