Hoy es dia!

Hoy es dia!
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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The One Where He Realizes ALL of His Blessings ♥

We are done to less than 20 days before mothers day.....How are you guys?

I am doing really good. I am a little weirded out with this upcoming change being my last, but I am excited and ready to work hard until the very end. I will be receiving a new companion. Ü   I look forward to being with him and working with him here in Fray Bentos. In my study today after my prayer I opened up the Book of Mormon and I landed in Doctrine and Covenants 104 and as I was reading a little bit I read around 8 times.. the faithful will be blessed. As I studied more, I felt the Spirit testify that really through our faithfulness we will be blessed. That the Lord will really multiply His blessings over our heads. This past week I have realized how blessed I am. I was watching a Mormon channel series called Two Brothers Two (check it out.  It made me think a lot of my great brothers) and I realized how blessed we are as missionaries with all the love and service that the people give us here.... especially here in Fray Bentos.  So many great people!  You just gotta love the mission!

I especially realized my blessings as we took a trip over to the part of the zone that got wrecked by the tornado. When we got a call from the Elders there in Dolores and they told us that there was a tornado, we were thinking yeah.. sure there was, we were sure it was a big wind and all the Uruguayans were calling a tornado but we were so wrong. We have 4 missionaries over there. The Elders were in the house when it came by and are doing good. Their house was a little damaged and their front door was destroyed. The Hermanas were away from the major damage but if they would have left their lunch 20 minutes later, they would have been outside when the tornado hit and where it hit hard. We are talking that this tornado threw cars and uprooted huge trees. It was a number 3 out of 5 tornado and it hit the little town of Dolores.. only 19,000 people. We went over there and I was amazed by all the different people from other parts of Uruguay ready to help. We went looking for the church and we asked like 5 different people and they all told us that they didn´t live there. We found the church and there was so many things that people had sent.. we too also came with a truck full of clothes, food and water. It left many people homeless.. they say out of the 19,000 people that live there.. 10,000 were affected. It tore up the center of town. The worse part was when they told us that people were robbing the houses that were destroyed. What a world we live in.. it was definitely a time to think about all that I have in my life.. sooo grateful.

I should probably tell you about the new comp! I called President the other day to talk to him about the progress in Dolores with all that happened.  As we were finishing the call, he thanked me for all that I have done here in Mercedes with the zone and told me that I will be receiving a new comp. He said that is was a last minute decision but thinks that my comp will benefit from it.  He is Elder Aliaga from Bolivia.  He will be my last comp. He already knows the area because he was the one that left when I got here.. so he was only out of Fray Bentos for one change and now he returns. I am excited. He was in Elder Huntsman's zone this past change and Elder Huntsman told me how great of a guy he was. If Elder Huntsman says so I believe it because Elder Huntsman is pretty straight forward.  I am ready to work hard! We are both old missionaries so it should be great!

Thank you for all you do! You guys rock my work. I love you all!

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